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Area 110.qxd

sense of enclosure from the woods, parklands and hedges. From the fringes of the plateau there are some good views , particularly to Aldbury and Ashridge. pdf

Planning enforcement

The treatment or removal of trees or hedges which are not located in a conservation area or covered by a Tree Preservation Order. This is a civil matter ...

Dacorum Environmental Forum

... Contaminated land · Water quality · Pollution · Smoke free Dacorum · Dacorum Environmental Forum · High hedges · Environmental permits · Damp and mould ...

Area 107.qxd

The elevated plateau landform means that the area is largely concealed from outside. This is a coherent but unremarkable landscape. The local pattern of hedges. area107bovingdonchipperfieldplateau.pdf

Vehicle seizure notices

... Dacorum Environmental Forum · High hedges · Environmental permits · Damp and mould · Vehicle seizure notices · Coronavirus (COVID-19) mandatory closure ...

Canal Fields Management Plan 2015-2020

hedges and grassland, an exciting play area, millennium garden, ... The restoration included coppicing of old hedge and gaps planted with a native hedge mix. 2015).pdf?...

Nettleden Conservation Area

hedges contributes to the sense of concealment and discovery. The Church of St Lawrence forms a solid anchor at the very centre of the village.

Green-lidded bin

Your green-lidded bin is for garden waste only including: grass/hedge cuttings; leaves; twigs/small branches; flowers (including cut flowers that are kept ...

12. Safety and Security 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

hedging; or psychological/symbolic, achieved by perceived changes in surface ... 5.11 Prickly shrubs and thorn hedges should be used in all landscaping ...


hedges and areas of species-poor pasture that might provide important feeding habitat for rare species such as greater horseshoe bat);.