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Fire Hazards

Fire Hazards. Hazard information for landlords. Over 35,000 dwelling fires were reported to the Fire Brigades in the UK over 2017/18. 24-fire.pdf?...

fire-safety-policy---supported ...

Fire Safety Policy. Information for people living in supported housing. Structural protection. Our supported housing schemes have built in fire safety ... housing2204614551156b7f9bc7ff00000246a4.pdf

Guide to Fire Safety in Houses in Multiple Occupation

It will probably be necessary to carry out a risk assessment to determine what fire precautions are required and additional advice on how to do this is provided ...

Fire Safety

You can also get a free Home Fire Safety Check from the Fire Service. Find out more by visiting their website. How to prevent fires. • Check your smoke alarms ...

Fire Safety Policy

Our blocks of flats have built in fire safety features to help keep you safe. To limit the spread of fire walls and doors are designed to hold back fire and ... lifts0f01614551156b7f9bc7ff00000246a4.pdf

Fire safety for leaseholders

Fire Safety and your legal duty as a leaseholder. The property you live in is a purpose built flat and is required to be compliant with.

Fire safety in high-rise blocks – frequently asked questions

Hertfordshire Fire Service advises residents to continue with the Stay Put policy. Residents living in Dacorum Borough. Council flats to remain in their flats ... faqs188c564551156b7f9bc7ff00000246a4.pdf?...

Fire Safety Policy - Temporary accommodation

Raise the alarm by pressing the nearest call point. · Leave the building by the nearest fire exit. · Call 999 from a place of safety and give the address ...

Fire Safety Policy

2.0 Fire Safety Policy detail. 2.1 Building Regulations and equipment. 2.2 Risk assessments. 2.3 Gas and electricity safety. 2.4 Communal areas and lofts.

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

The Fire Risk Assessment mustbe specific to the property. It should be recorded, and include the following: 1. Identify the hazards within the premises. 2.