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Food safety inspections

Food safety inspections in Dacorum including when an inspector will visit your business and what will happen after the inspection.

Food safety management procedures

safe to eat and have this written down. 2. The law requires you to have in place procedures to manage food safety 'hazards'. This is similar.

Food safety for childminders

Food safety for childminders. If you are a childminder and you give food to a child in your care, the food hygiene legislation applies to you.

Food safety advice

Safe preparation of burgers. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is reminding people to take care when preparing and cooking burgers at home. Food safety advice ...

Starting a food business

How to start a food business in Dacorum including registering your premises, licences and food hygiene training and legislation.

Food poisoning outbreaks

If it looks like a food business might be associated with the outbreak, we may carry out a food safety inspection to ensure that further food poisoning is ...


A food safety management system is the policies, procedures, practices, controls and documentation needed to ensure the food sold by a business is safe to eat ...


What is your food hygiene rating score? 9. Please name all foods prepared and sold (alternatively enclose a menu card) ... caterers-(pdf-93kb).pdf?...

Public register - Food safety

All food businesses operating in Dacorum must register with us. If you have not already registered, please go to our starting a food business page for ...

Food hygiene rating appeal

How to appeal against a hygiene rating, how to request a revisit and your right of reply.