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Trees and woodlands

Our team is both office and field based, conducting tree surveys, carrying out maintenance work on existing trees, planting new trees and implementing ...

Report a tree problem

If you need to report a problem with a tree, please choose one of the following options to find out who you should contact:.

Trees and hedgerows

Information on tree preservation orders, trees in conservation areas, removing trees and hedgerows, landscaping, dangerous trees, high hedges and forestry ...

Trees in conservation areas

Exemptions, as described in relation to Tree Preservation Order (TPO) applications, also apply. Works to or felling of trees in a conservation area are unlawful ...

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

These orders are known as Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs.) A TPO prohibits the felling, lopping or pruning of trees (or any other wilful damage to them) without ...

Greener Dacorum as we plant more than 1,300 trees this year

Mar 9, 2021 ... Tree planting We've planted 1,313 trees during January and February 2021 to help reduce the borough's carbon footprint. 300-trees-this-year

Recycled Christmas trees help gardens grow

Jan 14, 2021 ... On Sunday 10 January 2021, Dacorum residents recycled their Christmas trees at chipping points throughout the borough.

environmental services trees and woodlands policy 2020 - 25

It is therefore crucial that Dacorum Borough Council plays its part by maintaining and increasing the publically owned or controlled tree stock within the ... 252391684551156b7f9bc7ff00000246a4.pdf?...

Trees on development sites and landscaping schemes

On sites with existing trees, planning applications must include a tree survey and tree constraints plan, as detailed in British Standard 5837: 2012 trees ... landscaping-schemes

environmental services trees and woodlands policy summary 2020

However, the demand for tree work is greater than available funding, therefore the Council can only commit to undertaking pruning or felling that addresses a ... 2020_253491684551156b7f9bc7ff00000246a4.pdf?...