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Fairs Applying to operate a fair Anyone wishing to apply to operate a fair on council-owned land

PDF documentCommunity Fair survey report

the LSP structure, a community fair was held in 2012 and 2013 to keep partners up to date about what

Events on council land and open spaces

Annual statement of accounts

annual statement of accounts and reporting whether, in their opinion, they present a "true and fair view"

Gadebridge Park

Victoria Hall

About business rates bills

1 April 2017. Revaluations make sure each ratepayer pays their fair contribution and no more, by

Complaints about councillors

Confidentiality We believe it is fair and just that a councillor who is the subject of a complaint has a right to

Results of completed consultation

contributed to our budget planning for 2015/16. Community fair survey report (PDF 198KB) The survey closed on

High hedges

fair that the person making the complaint should pay something for the council to intervene in their


opportunity to respond to us. We do this to be fair to everyone and because it often solves the problem. At

Climate change and sustainability

Private landlords and managing agents

Sports pitches

all damage caused by the hirer(s) to the playing fields, pitches and pavilions, fair wear and tear

Planning enforcement

assists staff in applying enforcement powers in a consistent and fair way. For more information, please