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Graffiti removal

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Graffiti We are responsible for the removal of graffiti from property and street furniture owned

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Do it online

Market cleaning

Clean, Safe and Green

Parking and travel

cleanliness/fly tipping Telephone: 01442 228000 or report it online (Clean, Safe and Green) Car park graffiti

Previous Community Champion Award Winners

graffiti removal, cleaning subways and carrying out various gardening jobs for the elderly and infirm and

PDF documentAppendix 1a - Car Park Survey Pro Forma-2009

PDF documentAppendices 4

PDF documentRetail Study - Appendix 1a - Car Park Survey Proforma

PDF documentAppendix 4 Environment Survey Proforma and Survey Results of the Retail and Leisure Study 2006

PDF documentAppendix 2a - Environmental Survey ProForma-2009

PDF documentRetail Study - Appendix 2a - Environment Survey Proforma