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COUNCIL VACANCY: Environmental Health Officer (Food, Health & Safety) Or Environmental Health Technical Officer

environmental health officer (food, health & safety) or environmental health technical officer -


Mental health

Mental health Getting help for mental health can be a scary decision and a big step. It’s

Health and Wellbeing

fund a number of projects which aim to improve our residents health and wellbeing. The list below

Environmental Health

Environmental Health We work to promote health and safety across Dacorum. In this section you will

Health and safety

Public health burials

Public health burials If somebody dies in Dacorum and it appears that no suitable arrangements

Health and safety at work

your health and safety arrangements are robust enough to meet the legal requirements by: carrying out

Doctor/health visitor parking permits

Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984

List of public health burials We have carried out the following public health burials in the last

PDF documentHealth schedule

Contributions/ CIL Funding not secured HVCCG/NHS England/DBC Mental Health 16-18 mental health beds, Hemel

Workplace inspections

place to keep employees safe make sure that employers follow health and safety law. How often do we

Complain about workplace conditions

Complain about workplace conditions If you have concerns about health and safety within your


Investigating workplace accidents