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High hedges

Which hedges count? The hedge must compromise wholly, or predominantly of two or more evergreen or

Removal of trees and hedges

will need to seek permission to remove all or part of a hedge if it is on or runs alongside:

Trees and hedgerows

Trees in conservation areas

Trees on development sites and landscaping schemes

Clean, Safe and Green

Previous Community Champion Award Winners

environmental tasks, such as hedge cutting and litter picking, involving residents and schools. The winner of

Community Champion Award 2018

Green-lidded bin

Planning enforcement

Additional Garden Waste Subscription Service

Garden waste collections start next month

PDF documentCovering letter, complaint form and guidance notes

what we expect you to have done to try to settle your hedge dispute. If you have not exhausted all the

PDF documentA 50 Year Vision – Biodiversity Action Plan: Chapter 2 - Geology

survives in places, despite large-scale hedge removal. Key habitats include unimproved meadows, river

PDF documentSection 2B

woodland/ mature hedge the south-west site margin is enclosed by two overgrown hedges, comprising native