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Listed buildings

Listed buildings A listed building is one which is formally declared to be of importance to the

PDF documentListed building consent application form

Listed buildings $Date: 2007/08/22 15:20:06 $ $Revision: 1.23 $ Application for listed building

PDF documentDevelopment in Conservation Areas of Listed Buildings

and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. Dacorum has 23 conservation areas. 7.3 A listed building is a

PDF documentDevelopmentin Conservation Areas or affecting Listed Buildings

has 23 conservation areas. 7.3 A listed building is a building included in the statutory List of

planning conservation and design

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and listed building consent Full planning permission Hedgerow removal notice Householder planning and

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The old town hall

Hall has been a performing arts venue since 1978. It is a Grade 2 listed building constructed in 1852.

Old Town Hemel Hempstead

Planning enforcement

For more information, contact our Trees and Woodlands team. Unauthorised works to a listed building

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require planning permission / listed building consent for…?”. Category F: Householder

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