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Noise Typical noise complaints include: Loud music Barking dogs Vehicle or burglar alarms Factory

Noise from construction sites

methods of work and type of equipment used, ensuring noise levels are kept to an acceptable level. Dacorum

PDF documentnoise nuisance pack

automatically within 21 days. If however your complaint relates to a noise which occurs at times that you may

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Council Environmental Health The Forum Marlowes Hemel Hempstead Herts HP1 1DN Introduction The noise


Dog barking

dog barking This is dealt with in a similar way to any other noise complaint. The owners of the dog

reporting complaints about other people, companies or institutions, such as neighbour noise or fly tipping.

Environmental Health

Report it

nuisance noise pack Pavements Report issues with pavements Planning Report a breach of planning control


Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, noise in the street from musical instruments may be a

Responsible dog ownership

retrain your dog and change its behaviour. To make a noise complaint about a barking dog, please go to our

Apply to film in Dacorum

Smoke free Dacorum

generates noise and may cause your neighbours to complain to us. If your home is above the cafe/takeaway

Electric vehicle charging points

Environmental permits