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Around retirement

Activities and support around retirement and beyond There are several organisations offering

Community connections

councilsCommunity centres and activitiesAdventure playgrounds (ages 6 to 12)Approaching retirement and beyond Find

Sustainable development

more bedrooms (for example, retirement homes) Non-residential development of 500 square metres or more

Dacorum Card

Support Guaranteed Pension Credit (not just state retirement pension) Employment and Support Allowance

PDF documentOTH/6b - Erratum to Cabinet Report of the 23rd July 2013

Amended paras 4.19 and 4.20, additional para 4.20(a) 1 retirement units and demonstrated that generally

PDF documentCIL.RES 3c Berkhamsted Town Council

or residential development, 125 f or retirement housing and 150 f or retail developments. A n umber

PDF documentHearing Agenda

retirement housing viability. The Residential CIL Charges and Zones The process of defining the residential

PDF documentCIL.RES 9b Vincent and Gorbing/Taylor Wimpey

rates for retirement housing and retail development having considered the new viability evidence and

PDF documentCovering Letter to the Inspector

Examiners note. On the subject of viability appraisals (Q7) for retirement housing schemes these are

PDF documentCIL.RES 3a Berkhamsted Town Council

of 150 per square metre for residential development, 125 for retirement housing and 150 for retail

PDF documentOTH/6a – Cabinet Report and minutes from 23 July 2013

boundaries? 5 4 Question 6 - Do you think it is appropriate to have a single rate for retirement housing

PDF documentCIL Charging Schedule

PDF documentM/2 Draft Charging Schedule with Modifications

PDF documentCommunity Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule

PDF documentAdopted CIL Charging Schedule February 2015