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Shopping and town centres

Hempstead Hemel Hempstead has many modern high street stores and two shopping centres - Marlowes Shopping

Marlowes shopping zone

Marlowes shopping zone Marlowes pedestrianised shopping area and Bank Court We have transformed

Marlowes shopping area and Bank Court

Marlowes pedestrianised shopping area and Bank Court Regeneration has revitalised Hemel Hempsteads

PDF document Marlowes Shopping Zone Improvements Strategy

Site Allocations Examination Library marlowes improvement strategy december 2010 marlowes shopping

PDF documentMarlowes Shopping Zone Improvement Strategy

december 2010 marlowes shopping zone improvement strategy draft marlowes improvement strategy december

Hemel Hempstead

a great family-friendly place to shop. Marlowes, the outdoor pedestrianised shopping zone, has

PDF documentClick here to view the Chapter 9 Shopping

4538 John Dickinson Stationery Ltd Key Issue (a) Whether the shopping policies in the Deposit Draft


rail from London Euston. Berkhamsted has a variety of shopping facilities. There is a Saturday and

PDF documentSummary of Marlowes Shopping Zone Consultation - Aug - Sept 2013

Bus Interchange

the neighbouring food court in the new-look pedestrianised shopping area Two new free public toilets

Plough Zone

Heath Park and Marlowes shopping area. Magic roundabout One of the most iconic features of Hemel

Commercial agents

Community and living


Hemel Evolution

pedestrianised shopping area and Bank Court project combined with a new bus interchange encourage more shoppers