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Elections and voting

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Register to vote

Register to vote Annual canvass 2019 From 22 July 2019 you will receive a household enquiry form

Postal and proxy voting

Apply to vote by proxy (someone else voting on your behalf) In the lead-up to an election we must

Elections 2018

Elections 2017

Moving home, change of address or changing name

Council Tax. Register for Council Tax Voting To be able to cast your vote in elections and referendums,

Elections 2019

PDF documentPostal Vote Application

Postal and proxy voting Dacorum Borough Council Postal Vote Application Name: .. Address: ..

Consultation and feedback

vote in any election. You must be registered by law. Find out more on our Elections and voting page or

Borough election results 2015

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Elections 2016

Parish and town election results 2015

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European Parliament election results 2019