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PDF documentVolume 7

PDF documentSite Schedules for Kings Langley Ward

PDF documentSustainability Appraisal Report September 2014 Non-Technical Summary

PDF documentMajor Land Use Study

PDF documentSite Allocations supplementary issues and options summary paper

PDF documentSite Allocations Pre-Submission Sustainability Appraisal Report - Non Technical Summary (2014)

PDF documentSite Allocations 2006 Summary Paper

PDF documentDacorum Urban Design Assessment - Hemel Hempstead report pages 30 to 42

PDF documentChapters 1-8

PDF documentPart 2 of the Councils Constitution

PDF documentBovingdon Neighbourhood Plan Area Publication - Consultation Report

PDF documentChapters 1-8: The Introduction - of the Draft Core Strategy

PDF documentVolume 2: July 2006-April 2009) (Supplementary Issues and Options Paper Growth at Hemel Hempstead)

PDF documentVolume 2

PDF documentCore Strategy Consultation Report Volume 2