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PDF documentPlease use this link to view Appendix B of the Hertfordshire Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Study

PDF documentLA2 Appendix 2 - Old Town Hemel Hempstead Viability Report

PDF documentAppendices to the Draft Core Strategy

PDF documentOTH/3b - Minutes from Council on 9 July 2014

PDF documentCountryside workshop feedback

PDF documentKings Langley workshop feedback

PDF documentStatement of Community Involvement

PDF documentHemel Hempstead workshop feedback

PDF documentHeritage Improvement Strategy - November 2012

PDF documentDacorum Development Programme 2011-2015

PDF documentAnnual monitoring report technical appendix 2015/2016

PDF documentIndependent Remuneration Panel Report 2016

PDF documentAppendices for the Draft Pre-submission Core Strategy

PDF documentDacorum Urban Design Assessment - Bovingdon report pages 1 to 17

households own one car or van and just over 10% of residents live in council or housing association homes.

PDF documentAppendices for the Pre-submission Core Strategy